'The President Show' Brings You the Donald Trump Impression You Didn’t Know You Needed

This post was originally published on this site The new series that imagines Trump as a late-night host is surprisingly funny and brutal. What if Donald Trump, when he wasn’t busy scooping buckets of water out of his fast-sinking lifeboat of a presidency, were also a talk show host? That’s the conceit of The President Show, that debuted last night, and by all accounts, is better than we could have expected. Look, we’ve said it already: the world certainly doesn’t need more Donald Trump impressions. Still, host Anthony Atamanuik has long been credited with the best, most pointed, angriest one, and that’s what sets both the impression and the show apart from, let’s say, some of the more high-profile versions of the performance. The danger of a regular comedic Trump impression is in the “normalization” of the lecherous, vindictive commander-in-chief. Atamanuik sidesteps this by playing Trump bigger than even the … Read more

Well, Now 'Indiana Jones 5' Really Has to Be Good

This post was originally published on this site Because we’re gonna wait even longer for it than planned. Bad news for everyone who’s been champing at the bit for another Indiana Jones installment since Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: You’re going to have to wait just a tiny bit longer. Along with a bunch of other films, Disney revealed its official release date for Indiana Jones 5: July 10, 2020, a full year after it was originally slated to premiere. The extra time is most likely a result of director Steven Spielberg being the busiest man alive. He has YA adaptation Ready Player One due out in 2018, and an as-yet-unscheduled film about the Pentagon papers, which is meant to be coming out this year. That gives Spielberg, George Lucas, and a presumably begrudged star Harrison Ford all the time in the world to come up with a world-class story … Read more