Fyre Festival: The Supermodel-Backed, Luxury Music Festival That Allegedly Scammed Rich Kids Out of Thousands

This post was originally published on this site Matte Projects / Courtesy of Fyre The schaudenfraude is strong with this one. Here’s a fact of life: When you pay a lot of money for something, you expect it to be good. We all know this and we all feel this way. So imagine I tried to sell you on a “luxury” music festival in the Bahamas. Sure, going would cost you anywhere from $4,000 to $12,000, but who cares? After all, the Fyre Festival is “luxury.” That high price would get you not only performances from Pusha T, Migos, Blink 182, and Major Lazer, but it would also get you accommodations in villas. Rides on yachts. It would be like a douchier Coachella! So how’d it go? According to reports on reddit and Twitter, the festival grounds were littered with half-built tents and mountains of trash. Catered meals were nothing … Read more

Fox News' Jesse Watters Is Going on a Surprise “Vacation” After His Ivanka Trump Blowjob Joke

This post was originally published on this site So Bill O’Reilly isn’t the only Fox News personality to “go on vacation” recently. Well, that was fast. It was just the other day that Jesse “Remember My Chinatown Video?” Watters was on Fox News’s The Five and trying to somehow pull off the insane feat of defending Ivanka Trump from the well-earned vitriol that she faced at a panel on women entrepreneurship in Germany, while also making an insanely misogynistic joke about how he likes that she held the mic like she was giving a blowjob. Watters attempted to walk back the joke by making an absurd claim about—wait for it—smooth jazz. You know, because we all make blow job gestures when we talk about jazz. How can you even help it? Well, Jesse’s attempt did not go over because last night it was announced that Jesse plans to take some … Read more